Friday, September 7, 2012

Flowery Friday: Ranunculus

Oh the ranunculus. It has always topped my list of favorite flowers. The tight clusters of delicate petals that open up into a full bloom or fluttery loveliness (can you tell I like them?) are just heavenly. 
The above bouquet is one I did for my sister's wedding a few years back. Their colors were chocolate, ivory and a hint of pink, so I used pink ranunculus, pink pepper berries, chocolate orchids, ivory roses, lisianthus and fiddlehead ferns. Her bouquet was one of my all-time favorites. She cried when I gave it to her (and she didn't even cry when she saw her groom for the first time she later told me - so that's sayin' something!). 

Did you know:
Ranunculus is native to Asia and celebrated for it's medicinal properties.
A bouquet of ranunculus means "I am dazzled by your charms". (Ooo la la!)
Ranunculus is available February for May, if you're thinking of requesting it for an arrangement.

Aren't these pale pink ranunculus with the soft green centers beautiful? Mixed here with lily of the valley and deep green galax leaves, they create such a sweet and simple bouquet....

They also come in the most beautiful yellows. Bits of velvety gray lambs ear tucked between the blooms are so pretty... 

And then there's crimson. So stunning. I arranged these a few years ago for a photo shoot...

There's nothing like fresh flowers but if you'd like to add some ranunculus to your life in a more long term way, take a peek at these inspiring options from where else but Etsy: 

How incredible is this felted ranunculus. This girl's got some mad skills.

Loving the clean and simple ranunculus design of this tiny pillow. 


  1. Oh man, these flowers. Just recently I saw them in person and understood the hype. They are ridiculously pretty.

  2. I love these Friday Flower posts. The flowers you have picked thus far are amoung my favorites. Also, I love the Etsy picks that feature the ranunculus. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Such a beautiful collection, a treat for the eyes! Thank you for including me in your lovely post. :)

  4. my fave too!
    And I didn't know they came in so many colours. Loving those felted ones too.
    Hope you three are all fee x


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