Friday, July 8, 2011

A Perfect Summer Dinner

I cannot wait any longer! I must share the details of our incredible, summery dinner on Wednesday night to celebrate my friend Kara's birthday. It was TO DIE FOR. Here's what we had: 

Kara's brother Lane, his charming wife Ruby and Kara's parents (who are lovely, gracious people) were all in town to celebrate July 4th and family birthdays. Ike and I were lucky enough to get an invitation to partake in this outrageous family dinner prepared by Kara's chef brother. In addition to the good eats, there was wine and champagne and candle light and jazz, lots of laughing and good conversation. It was truly the highlight of our summer thus far. 

p.s. Lane cooked this dinner for eight in a tiny kitchen with a lousy oven and minimal counter space in the guest suite of Kara's building with few tools and little time. (He purchased most of the food at a farmer's market in Boulder at 4 o'clock that day!) It was sort of like a Top Chef challenge or something. He rose to the occasion, big time. Thanks to all the Rosenberry clan for sharing a delightful evening with us. 


  1. bravo! you captured the evening perfectly. It was so lovely and I am so glad you could join us! xo!

  2. Oh my, this looks divine!
    I've just eaten dinner, but am feeling hungry again!

  3. Wow, that sounds Incredible! Happy Birthday to Kara!

  4. wow....thats amazing! It looks like an epic meal! You guys must have had a great time :) Also so glad to meet a fellow tasha tudor lover! You'll have to be sure to swing by my place on tuesdays :)


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