Monday, July 11, 2011

Waiting for the Keys

Over the weekend (and how was yours, by the way?) Ike and I were talking about how we had little going on and how nice it was to eat a lazy breakfast on the patio, take naps and watch World Cup coverage (hooray for the USA's victory over Brazil! I'm not a huge soccer fan, but even I was jumping around the living room after that incredible last minute win). It was a strange feeling of nothing to do in in the moment with the anticipation of loads to do in the near future. If things continue to go well with our house buying process, we will be closing two weeks from Thursday and the place will be ours! It's not a completely done deal yet, but more than likely it will be, which means lots of elbow grease, grit, sweat and the like to pack up our stuff, clean the old place, clean and do some renovations on the new place then move in... Should I start packing now? Seems a bit early. At least that's what we determined over the weekend and thus embraced one of the last weekends in a while where we won't have anything to do. And it was nice.


  1. how exciting!! i always get super overwhelmed with the moving process. hopefully it goes more smoothly/quickly than you anticipate!

  2. well, you know how my weekend went (your comment made me smile outloud!)
    Too exciting about your house (if I lived a few thousand miles closer I'd give you a hand) and think you were right to leave the packing this weekend - but then I do work better under pressure!
    Happy packing from here on...
    fee ♥


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