Monday, July 12, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Hello there friends. Time for another poke around someone elses charming abode. Come along, won't you?

Today I bring you some bright and fresh photos of designer Kirsten Voortman's Amsterdam digs. If I were single, I would have more bright pink in my house - just about as much as Kirsten has. I try to keep the girly quotient under control because my husband is atmospherically minded and won't keep his opinion to himself when the florals or feminine elements begin creeping in the house more than he might like. But back to pink.
Don't you love the way she incorporates it ? It's just enough I think. (and isn't her pup sweet?)

I love that pink ladder...

P.S. Her place is available for a house swap - like that movie The Holiday. What are the odds that Jude Law is her brother and will show up at the door? (not a huge Jude fan, but what can I say, I liked him in that movie.)


  1. Oh my gooooooodnessssss...I am packing my bags and moving in...I love this! I need to sneek more pink into my aqua the ladder idea too...may just need to go out and buy some pink paint today. Thank you for sharing the JOY with to check out the links..maybe I need to do a house swap .xoxoxo Happy Monday.

  2. Yes, yes, and yes! I agree with koralee! That home...sigh. It has my name written all over it! Thanks for sharing! So glad I found your blog...come by and visit me sometime!

  3. oh how lovely! Can i move in? I love the comment about Ike and I read it to bill! xoxo friend!


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