Thursday, July 22, 2010

Etsy Love: Whimsy Lou

Attention friends! Today I bring you Whimsy Lou, a sweet new Etsy shop that's chocked full of vintage home wares and handmade goodies by my sassy friend Kayla. This girl has a wicked eye for the cute, the reusable, the retro and the whimsical and her photography skills aren't too shabby either.

This cake stand is actually a few pieces layered on top of each other. Clever, no?

Love this cute vintage pocket mirror and the children's book she used as a prop behind it.

Looking for some pretty magnets? I will take all of these and that funky blue suitcase!

Welcome to Etsy Kayla and here's to Whimsy Lou and many, many sales!

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  1. i love her stuff! i cannot wait to see it in person at our show! Fun stuff!


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