Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthdays at Bistro Vendome

My friend Kara and I share the same birthday month and so it was only fitting to grab our guys this past weekend and enjoy a birthday brunch at a place we have long discussed patronizing together: Bistro Vendome.

Not only was the food and conversation lovely, they also have a charming patio with urns full of herbs and lots of nice shade trees - the perfect spot to enjoy fresh croissants and hot french press coffee.

Les Filles d'Anniversaire
(the birthday girls)

French press with lumps of raw sugar and cream.

The croissants were served with homemade lavender jelly and citrus jam.

 Bill, Kara's beau threw in an order of pomme frites at the last minute. A truly brilliant move. They were AMAZING.

I enjoyed this beautiful quiche made of egg custard, black truffles, smoked ham and scallions.

Isaac had the eggs benedict with salmon and capers.

Kara's entree.

When our pleasant waiter (Roger) heard we were celebrating our birthdays, he brought us a complimentary flight of ice cream and sorbet: a spicy Moroccan chocolate, wildflower honey and a cassis sorbet. It was the perfect light and tasty ending to our divine brunch. Merci Roger.

And then there were presents!


  1. Happy birthday! What a lovely place, the garden looks so pretty and the food! I am hungry just looking at it all, Have a sweet day!

  2. You guys are way tooo cute for words today! Oh how I love friends and food...and gifts. xoxoxox

  3. wow- gorgeous photos. your camera's good. kiss kiss to kara on her birthday, and kiss kiss to you!

  4. oh my, that bistro looks amazing!! the foods looks scrumptious! mmmm.


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