Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cookies & Milk

I love a good (gluten-full) cookie and much to my happiness, gluten doesn't seem to be bothering my tummy anymore after about a year of going gluten-free. My life is much less stressful than it was a year ago and I suspect that has something to do with my happy belly. What better way to really test the waters than to make a batch of soft and chewy white chocolate chip cookies? They were oh-so-tasty with a glass of milk. Isaac and I nibbled them up in record time. I wish I would have had some macadamia nuts to accompany the white chocolate but they were still delish.

In the mood for a really chewy cookie? Give this recipe a try. It calls for a little less butter which keeps them softer and just be sure you don't let these little gems bake for longer than 12 minutes. Happy cookie and milking!


  1. We are both thinking Cookies today my friend!!! Yours look amazingly yummy.
    Hugs for a good week..I am off on holidays. xoxoxo

  2. oh bill would love those! those look really good..... Love that linen too!

  3. those look so yummy - i love white chocolate cookies! how exciting that you can eat gluten again! i can't imagine life without it!


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