Monday, December 20, 2010

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

Last night, I did a little gift exchange with a dear friend. Half the fun of swapping goodies is oogling over the lovely wrapped packages, don't you think?? Hers was no exception. Brown paper with some simple cream string and a beautiful feather ornament tucked in between - just my cup of tea. Of course the gifts inside were all browns and blues too... the inside matched in the outside. Love it. Thanks friend.
What about you? Received any beautifully wrapped gifts? Is there one waiting under the tree now with your name on it??


  1. love it! How fun that was. Part of the fun of it is that you appreciate it so! and me too! I loved that green velvet ribbon and your personalized bag for me! xo friend!

  2. hehe i had that song in my head this weekend as i was wrapping presents in kraft paper :) that feather ornament is amazing!! what a beautiful package!

  3. So pretty my sweet sweet friend.....sending you blessings of JOY...LOVE...and PEACE for a very merry Christmas.



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