Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Friday! Let's Bake!

(all images via we heart it)
A lot of you folks may have your holiday baking completed, right? Well, not me. Along with my holiday shopping and my holiday cleaning and my holiday laundry and my holiday crafting, my holiday baking still needs to take place. I may not get far, but I know that I need to make at least one batch of my shortbread cookies with dark chocolate and candied orange. These babies are time consuming and tedious but oh-so-worth the effort. So that's on my to-do list for today or tomorrow. Are you baking for the holidays? Any recipes you must make each year? Please share!


  1. Oh, those pictures are inspiring! I went to a cookie exchange this year, so got my baking done early. I made what I usually make, cornmeal thyme currant cookies (from Martha's site). So delicious and unique. Your shortbread cookies sound amazing. I might have to try those out!

  2. I am spending a baking day with my daughters I will think of you...wish you lived closer...I would pop some over to you. xoxoxoxoxoxo Hugs


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