Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fern & Flora Wednesday: Final Holiday Boutique!

Last weekend concluded the last of my five handmade boutiques in which I participated. Phew.
It's been really, really fun and really, really busy. Loved every minute (well, almost every minute. Loading and unloading the car a million times get old fast). Glad that they're over. Here's a look at the truly fabulous show at the home of a friend who hosts a holiday bazaar every year. Tiffany (the hostess) makes spectacular and really affordable jewelry and her mom Pat, a life-long artist paints, makes jewelry, kiddo mittens and hats and a plethora of other lovely items...

Pat is sassy and ridiculously talented. Ceramics to sewing and painting to jewelry, she's a marvel.

Like mother like daughter. Tiffany has a great eye for putting stunning vintages pieces together to come up with something totally unique. Hello gorgeous.

Tiffany's table had lots of glitz and glam. She displays her pieces on mirrors which gives everything a splash of sparkle.

No boutique would be complete with out my friend Kara and her eternally charming note cards.
The "I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas" cards above are always a favorite of mine and have been used many a time...

Kara draws all the original illustrations by hand and packages them by hand as well. Count on her to find the perfect ribbon to embellish each package.

Her lovely robin's egg blue mittens have been selling like hot cakes this season! These mitten sticks are made for stirring your hot cider or cocoa. So cute. The great thing about this design - it's perfect for any cold night - not just the holidays.

Here's a snippet of a few Fern & Flora petite headbands. Apparently I had fuchsia on the brain...

Pins and hair clips are the latest addition to my creations.

And of course the headbands....

These earthy scarves come from Starlet, a local boutique in Denver. Kristy, the owner, has a great eye for finding stylish and affordable apparel and accessories. I had to help myself to a little something from the accessory corner...

More from Starlet. Loved those funky art prints. Loved those sassy ruffle clutches. Love. it. all.

Needless to say, it was a dandy of a show. There are so many creative women at this boutique and spending time with them is always a treat.


  1. loved it! What a great show that was! So much fun! So many great photos!

  2. So much loveliness, must have been an amazing show!


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