Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fern & Flora Wednesday: Coming Up for Air

This week feels like that scene from Waiting for Guffman where the actors burst into song:
"working, building, never stopping, never sleeping, Working, making, some for selling, some for keeping..."

Man am I tired. My other job has been incredibly busy and tiring this week. I'm so grateful for work but when it coincides with a holiday party at my house, mountains of laundry and dishes, a handmade boutique amidst a flurry of other things, one begins to feel a tad overwhelmed. Talk about hustle and bustle.

From what I gather, I'm not only one gasping for air this week. Am I right? Let's all take a deep breath and say a little prayer. Maybe we could all sing "Silent Night"? I'm wishing for a little "all is calm, all is bright" right now...


  1. I completely understand! Going through it too. I've been daydreaming about getting out of town all day. It will be over before we know it thought right? :)

  2. The calm will come. It always does!

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  3. Oh I love this image...that would of been me a week ago but I am starting to feel the pressure leave and I am able to relax a husband is taking we for a weekend trip to Seattle...YAHOO! xoxoox Hope your to do list is shrinking.

  4. I'm with you lady same here! I have so much to do & I am such a procrastinator which doesn't help...see I've been looking through your lovely blog for awhile now & I should be working & packing, haha ;-)


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