Thursday, December 23, 2010

No Place like Home for the Holidays

The husband and I drove through the night and got home for the holidays in the wee hours. Everyone had gone to bed and we snuck in the house and hurried our packages and bags up to our room. This morning I poked around the house and enjoyed seeing all the lovely things my mom and dad did to ready the house. We exchange gifts tonight with my immediate family so my mom, sis and I cooked all afternoon in the kitchen for our pre gift exchange feast: turkey breast stuffed with homemade cornmeal stuffing, apples and spices, citrus herbed green beans, cranberry port sauce with orange zest, corn pudding with Gruyere, nutmeg and chives and of course, mashed potatoes. There will be good eating tonight!

Holly jolly to all! And to all a good night!

xo xo


  1. Yummmm sounds Deee.lish.

    Merry Christmas....

  2. merry christmas, fern. and also to you, flora.

  3. my sis read your blog and thought all the food sounded so good! xo friend!

  4. oh sweet friend...sending you oooooodles of hope...promise...contentment...and bliss for 2011...hugs. xoxoxoxo


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