Thursday, December 2, 2010

Etsy Love: Lonkoosh

This holiday season say no to the malls and the big chain stores and say yes to Etsy and supporting small businesses. There's no need to battle the throngs of rabid shoppers when you can sit at home all comfy with a hot cup of your favorite beverage and shop online in peace and quiet.  If you like to get out to shop - find local one-of-a-kind shops and take your business there. And while you shop - ditch those plastic bags and carry your goods out with your own two hands or use a cloth bag. That concludes my holiday rant.

Now - take a look at these uber feminine pieces by Lonkoosh. Just beautiful.

Would this not be stunning worn with a simple black dress, hair swept up with a little gold clutch?
Hello New Years Eve.


  1. looove it. so vintage beautiful!!

  2. each piece is soooo pretty! thanks for sharing!

  3. The bible says not to covet. It's...too...late. I'm coveting. Bad.


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