Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back in the Saddle

That's right friends, this girl just got home from holiday trips to the midwest and southeast and now it's off to the southwest with the rest of the fam for a wedding this weekend. I can't deny that a weekend at home to take the tree down and catch up on sleep sounds pretty darn nice about now. As they say though - you can sleep when you're dead and a family wedding trumps everything else which is as it should be. The nuptials will be a small and cozy affair with a homey feel that will no doubt include late night game playing, lots of food and late morning coffee with oodles of siblings and friends. Congratulations M & S. So glad to have a quality woman join the brood.

How are you? I feel so out of the blog loop right now. Do you have any new years thoughts, insights or resolutions to share? I do and I will be sharing them next week....


  1. wow sounds like you had a busy holiday! we've missed you! hope you have a fantastic time at the wedding!!

  2. Wow, how exciting. You're right about resting later, maybe not when your dead but sometime soon.
    have fun at the wedding.
    Cari B.

  3. have a great time in the great southwest! see you back here soon!

  4. Oh have oodles of fun my sweet friend. xoxoxo


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