Monday, January 31, 2011

Take your cues from nature

I remember during a class in design school, one of my professors talked about finding color palettes in nature and if it works there, why not borrow the same schemes for our own projects. I've always remembered that and appreciated a winter landscape of gray trees, bare, caramel colored fields and a frosty blue sky. Wouldn't those tones make a sophisticated combination for an interior space? The image above by floral shop Saipua, makes me think of a room with charcoal and chocolate foundations and little pops of the palest pink and citron green. Here are other images that could set the scene for a beautiful room...



  1. when you speak of gray trees, bare, caramel colored fields and a frosty blue sky, might you be talking about Nebraska? I love the colors I see on that drive inspire me every season. I take pictures every time. That second image is my favorite. xo!

  2. such a lovely color palette! :) & i love those flowers & bottles/vases! so beautiful!

  3. i love the idea of taking color schemes from nature. i also love that mantle photo. want to find some pretty vintage glass bottles now!


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