Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Finds

The husband played hookie from work for two hours (he was almost at 40 hours this week before Friday began so he earned it) and joined me at an estate sale this morning (so nice to have you along, my dear). He scored a sleek black vintage case of poker chips and I scored four nesting tins that I may keep or sell... 

 ... Two roughed up little wooden trays with vintage liquor labels decoupaged on them that I may keep or sell...

And my biggest find of the day - this fantastic mannequin form with an adjustable stand. I call her Mavis.
She will be perfect for dressing up and using to displaying pins and necklaces at shows. Plus, she just looks cool in her simple muslin dress.
(please ignore the crap in the background. see my previous post about cleaning up the basement room)


  1. oh man, i am so jealous! You hit the jackpot! Love those cannisters at the top. Amazing! & Mavis, shes a beauty!

  2. that's awesome you found mavis! she will be very useful i'm sure! and so fun hubby got to go with you :)

    have a lovely weekend emily!!

  3. mavis is awesome. she reminds me of willa cather's "the professor's house." the professor shares his office with dress forms like that. they aren't named mavis though. therefore yours is cooler.

  4. What fun and such great finds....I love love Mavis....hugs.xoxo


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