Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter, I'm over you

Saturday night, after a healthy, homemade dinner, Ike and I went on a dessert run to Whole Foods. After failing miserably at staying gluten-free over the holidays, I've been much more disciplined lately and thus headed straight for the GF aisle to choose which sort of mostly satisfying treat I wanted. After the Mr. selected his dessert of choice, we checked out and headed toward the door. It's impossible (for me anyway) to get in and out of Whole Foods without getting hung up in the floral section. They really know how to reel a girl in. Walking through the floral department is like 60 second therapy - especially in the dead of winter. The daffodils were in fine form - and smelled so nice. The tulips, all bunched in tightly together, looked so cheerful.

If I wasn't ready for spring before our trip out that night, I am now. I'm officially over winter and my exceedingly dry skin and wearing 19 layers of jackets and scarves and still being so darn cold every where I go. I'm weary of scraping chunks of snow off the windshield and trying not to slip on virtually invisible sheets of ice the sun never hit. The daffodils did it and I am done. 


  1. i am getting really close to that point. we have been having single digit temps here and it is miserable. i've reallly started missing wearing flats and am sick of wearing layers upon layers as well! and i'm ready to not be hibernating any longer. bah!

  2. i know how you feel, i am ready for spring too! i just can't get warmed up today... :(

  3. Your blog is so cute! Love it:-)

    And as far as winter, yup I'm ready for spring!

  4. me too! love this photo! Bring on Spring!


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