Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bright Star

Last night, my hubby and I watched Bright Star, the story of poet John Keats' obsessive romance with the stylish and witty Fanny Brawne. These sorts of things never end well as one can imagine when a frail, penniless poet is the main character, but visually, the movie is all lovliness from the screenplay to the score and setting.


  1. oh that is on my NetFlix list. Cannot wait to see it!

  2. oooo that is just my kind of movie! thanks for sharing!! i'm thinking that will be the perfect way to end me and joel's date night tomorrow night :)

  3. yes, the frail and penniless, while alluring, seldom come to a good end. poor keats, poor fanny brawne. the only thing worse than being frail and penniless, is being a poet. might as well just cash it in, i say. although i guess they do have immortality, passion and fabulous clothes going for them...


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