Tuesday, March 9, 2010

While looking through the mish mash of local artists here in Denver via Etsy, the shop that stopped me in my visual tracks with it's combination of artistic talent, culture, couture fashion and intrigue was that of jkldesign. Her orginal sketches, paintings and photography have a chic and elegant quality that make it rather hard to stop looking.

Apparently, I'm not the only who thinks so. In 2009 Leigh's work was featured in several magazines such as Dujour, Skirt and N.E.E.T. as well as Forever 21's blog and editoral magazine. Let's hear it for local fabulousness.


  1. wow she is really talented. and a denver gal huh? very fabulous.

  2. Emily,
    Oh my goodness I just received your package today!!!! EVERYTHING is just gorgeous. You are so talented. The way you packaged it, so sweet, you made me feel so special! You are so talented. I felt so lucky to have won, I don't ever win anything. I took pictures of all the sweet things you had in the box. Wow I was supposed to receive the headband, you sent me so many sweet things. I love the card you put your pins on. Those pins & the headband are so pretty. Then the card you sent me. That is so sweet. I joined Kara's blog, thank you for letting me know about her. She has such sweet stationary! I will have to buy some from her someday!
    Thank you for making me feel so special today. Your package was so fun & sweet!
    Take Care,


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