Thursday, March 18, 2010

Buried Treasure

A couple of Saturdays ago I was poking around an antique store with two lovely women I recently met who get a thrill out of vintage clip-ons, old post cards and antique glassware as much as I do.

Amanda led Kayla and me straight to her favorite corner of the establishment which was chalked full of old magazines, postcards, vintage jewelry, hankies and other curious ephemera. While we leafed through the stacks of paper and calling cards, I remembered a letter that my dear uncle Steve gave me several years ago. I told the girls about it and how he gave it to me because it was written to "My Dear Friend Emmie" (which is the shortened version of my name). It was a charming letter, dated 1880 written by a little girl who was traveling across the Atlantic from New York to Germany with her family. Amanda immediately said that I should scan it so I would have it in safe keeping. The only problem was that I hadn't seen it in ages and had no idea where I stashed it. A few days later, I began my hunt. I dug through my file drawers, dresser drawers, boxes of photos, etc. etc. Nothing.

Well, yesterday, while cleaning up my craft room (it was in a terrible, torando ravaged-looking state) much to my happiness, I found the letter. I abandoned my cleaning and raced upstairs and scanned that baby stat. It was falling apart in several places, so knowing that I now have it tucked safely away in my computer does the heart good.

Here's an excerpt from the letter written to Emmie from Meta about her uncle's home in Hamberg, Germany: "My uncle has a very nice yard and I can pick flowers all I want and there is a summer house and a grotto and near the grotto is a pond where my cousin Clara catches pollywogs." Pollywogs? I love it.

Here's to finding buried treasure.

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  1. Oh I love this post! What a fabulous find! I love the pollywogs statement. How sweet!


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