Thursday, March 10, 2011

Etsy Love: Lirola

I'm crazy about the soft, elegant and comfy-looking styles from Etsy shop Lirola.
I'm pretty sure I could live in anything from her offerings. The color palette is right on the money too. Plus, you could slip on sandals in the summer and go and layer up her pieces with jackets and boots in the winter.


  1. i love that grey wrap top, so pretty! & it looks very comfy! :)

  2. I agree - very lovely clothing! :-)

  3. sharing the love...shame I made that (stupid stupid) pledge to not buy any clothes until 2012!
    Thanks for visiting me and liking my dress...fee x

  4. These are lovely...I soooo would like a few of these pretties. Happy weekend my friend. xxoo


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