Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Sweetest Thank -You Ever

I had to share this incredibly lovely little thank-you memento that I received yesterday when I dropped off dinner (see yesterday's post) for some friends who just had a baby girl. The couple had worked together on creating these sweet little boxes as tokens of gratitude for those helping out when their baby arrived.

The baby's name and meaning was printed on the outside of the box...

... and when I opened it up, there was a thank-you message, a tiny clay pot, a little package of soil and forget-me-not seeds all on a bed of moss. Could there be anything sweeter?! I mean, come on!

The detail put into this adorable package is classic of my friend and new mother. She has a brilliant eye and anything she touches comes out beautifully. Kudos to the mister and new papa who chipped in on the project too. I'm going have to tuck this idea away for when it's my turn to hand out baby thank-yous.


  1. thinking there might not be anything sweeter!
    love a thoughtful/tasteful friend!
    fee x

  2. that is amazing! Who has time to do something like or much less, who is that thoughtful anymore? How beautiful!


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