Monday, March 7, 2011

These breath taking bouquets from Saipua, a boutique in Brooklyn, couldn't be more perfect for a little gray, cold Monday inspiration. Their bold use of color and texture as well as their incredibly romantic design sensibility equals a lush and unusual final result that makes a florist like myself swoon with envy and admiration.
Sharing these images today seems appropriate in another way too. Over the weekend, we took a trip home to be with family for my husband's aunt's funeral. Aunt Glenda was a hard working business woman and floral designer who had a successful wedding business. She managed to travel, work and help care for her grand kids as well as plan large scale bridal shows and events all the while fighting cancer. She was quite a lady and we will miss her.


  1. Absolutely beautiful arrangements and photos - love the last one (coral is currently my favourite colour).
    Aunt glenda sounds like an inspirational woman - I'm sure her qualities will live on in those who knew and loved her.
    fee x

  2. So sorry my friend about your husband's Aunt...what a lovely way to spend your life...surrounded by flowers and creating beauty for others.

    Hugs for today. xoxox

  3. what a lovely tribute to Aunt Glenda... ! and beautiful flowers...!


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