Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Garden-y Goodness

Remember when little Mary Lennox, the orphaned child in "The Secret Garden", asks her care taker and mysterious uncle "Please sir, may I have a bit of earth?" Well, that's how I feel these days. I haven't a bit of earth - just a little deck on the south side of our condo. That's not to say that I couldn't do (and have done) some containers of flowers and veggies. That's perfectly well and good but not the same as a little backyard where I can dig around and plant and prune. The mister and I have been talking regularly about the possibility of buying a little place in the near future and so there's still hope that this wanna-be gardener will have a bit of earth for myself.


  1. Emily, those pictures are beautiful. Hope you get your little bit of earth soon....
    Have a look at this pin - it's my dream book reading space!
    In my head it has a coffe machine and a little mini fridge full of chocolate....
    fee x

  2. Oh how lovely....I just noticed my garden starting to wake up. Joy.

    I love the secret garden....xoxoxo

  3. How wonderful, just beautiful images! :-)

  4. leave it to you to pick the best line of a movie, from long ago, and pair it with the perfect blog post. Lovely!

  5. such beautiful photos! i am ready for gardening!!

  6. Nick and I just brought home some lovely bulbs of our own to plant for a beautiful mid summer bloom and I can't wait! Iris and Lilies and Ranunculus oh my! :D


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