Monday, March 28, 2011

Spaces to Inspire: White, Light, Bright

This is the perfect post from me today because it matches the color scheme I work up to this morning: whites and neutrals. That's right - it was snowing earlier this morning. Of course yesterday would have been the day that I planted some pots of little pansies on the front step. It's been nice and warm lately, but the minute I set out some delicate living thing, it starts to snow. Oh well. That's spring for you. (the pansies seemed to enjoy it actually and are looking quite well)

Anyway, I found the photos of this open and airy space in San Fransisco so inspiring. The place almost looks like a boutique - but in a good way. I like how interesting and textural a space can still be even without lots of color.

Using vintage suitcases as a way of storing legos and toys - brilliant!

Now I want to start a white collection of my own.

(images via country living)


  1. LOVE. my whole next home is going to have white everywhere. its so beautiful and elegant

  2. So lovely....I think I could move on in...I love the detail around that fireplace...such a stunning home with amazing bones. Why can't I find a home like that here?...we are looking but nothing with such charm and character. Happy Monday my friend. xo

  3. Isn't it wonderful how good plain ol' white can look!? So lovely.


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