Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Friday: Floral Refresh Time!

All summer long, my pot of pansies, trailing ivy and dusty miller have taken the heat - and it shows.
The pansy blooms have diminished in number with each sweltering day but now that the cooler temperatures are settling in, it's time for a refresh.

A few new pansies in the pot, a little more watering and I think I could get another six weeks of enjoyment from these cheerful little guys.

Isn't this color just lovely? I wonder if I could find something like this in my neck of the woods?

Have a lovely September weekend and take a little time to enjoy the beauty around you.


  1. Oh my friend...pansys are my favourite flower ever!!!! So pretty! I just love their little faces. I am off for a week but will visit when I get back...have a great WEEK! xoxoxo

  2. I love Pansies. Growing up we have them all the time. My mom used to cut just the blooms off and put them in a shallow milk glass bowl. Good memories!


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