Friday, September 24, 2010

Swooning in Seattle

Seattle pretty much blew my mind. From the charming houses and neighborhoods to the restaurants and local markets to the islands and woods, I loved every minute of our stay. We sailed, shopped, explored, hiked and enjoyed some of the most delicious seafood EVER. As if I wasn't already persuaded that this city was a cultural mecca, we visited Pike Place Market on our last day of the trip. The bounty of fresh fruits and veggies, homemade cheese, gorgeous pastries, mountains of beautiful salmon and scallops, and the MOST breath taking array of flowers, namely dahlias (arranged in mass for only $5- 10 bucks!!) just about sent me over the edge (in the best way possible). Oh Seattle.

Many thanks to Nick and Sarah for giving us the quintessential Seattle experience!


  1. Have you been to Portland yet?? Its like Seattle but SO much better :)

  2. LOVE it!! i heart seattle so much! my favorite vacation ever!

  3. I miss my hometown! Glad you loved it! Did you get a chance to check out the San Juan Islands?

  4. Seattle is a great city. I was blown away at the great price of the beautiful flowers at Pike Place Market. Your photos make me want to go back.

  5. Oh I sooooo agree...we are off there this weekend again....pike place market flowers are the best..and I can take them across the boarder.

    Friday hugs. xoxoxoooooooooooooo


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