Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Friday. Let's Go For A Ride

I think a fun Friday thing to do would be to ride a bike. Ride to work. Ride to a coffee shop. Ride around the park. Ride to the grocery store. Ride up and down your street. Even better, wear a stylish dress and some cute boots (see girl in picture) as you ride and you'll really feel spectacular.

I wish I could take my own advice. Alas, I just found out this very day (via my parents who are in town for a visit) that my dad got rid of my bike. Sigh. So sad. Although now I could get myself some vintage inspired cruiser... Hmmm....

Enjoy your Friday friends!
See you Monday...


  1. make sure you get one with a basket you can put your flowers & pastries in from your day at the market.... ~*~

  2. darling post. i would love to take a ride to a coffee shop! especially since it is kinda starting to feel like fall!!!

  3. You have inspired me to get out my bike...a good thing to do this lovely Sat. Hugs. xoxox


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