Friday, September 17, 2010

Seattle Ho!

Happy Friday Friends! We are headed to Seattle (my first visit!) to spend time with family, take in a college football game (GO BIG RED!) do a little sailing, shopping, dining and explore the fabulousness that is Seattle. I've made my list of "must see" boutiques and I'm ready to roll.

I will be back on Wednesday no doubt with pictures and stories to share. Have yourself a lovely weekend!

And Happy Birthday Ali and Darby - two of my three dear sisters who are 4 years and two days apart and celebrating their birthdays this weekend. I love you both and wish we could eat cupcakes together. xo


  1. You have been gone too long! I cannot wait to hear all about the trip when you get back!

  2. Hope you are having FUN fun fun my friend...we live less than 2 miles north of Seattle so I am always visiting that will love it!

    Can't wait to hear all about it. xoxoxoxo


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