Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fern & Flora Wednesday: Let's Get Craftin!

Craft, baby craft! That's been my mantra lately. I always struggle with spending too much time on every accessory that I make. I tweak. I prune. I hold up a bazillion vintage pieces and ponder as to which one would suit the flower most perfectly. Blah. Blah. Blah. No more! This girl has a bundle of fall and holiday craft boutiques coming faster than I realize and the Etsy shop needs a refresh something terrible so no more creating at a snail's pace. No more "slow and steady wins the race." I'm saddling up my crafting pony, rolling up the sleeves, kicking it into high gear.... you get the idea.

Are you working on a deadline right now? Crafting like mad? Sewing? Gluing? Printing? Do tell. It helps to know that somewhere out there, others like my self are burning the midnight oil working on something crafty too...


  1. you should name your crafting pony. how about "bullet"?

  2. so crafting days have to school today...must get my brain jump- started...I think there will be lots of daydreaming on my part today. xoxoxoxo Hugs...have fun my dear.

  3. I love what Darby said! Brilliant! You love a lovely assortment of things to craft with. Especially after Saturday! Craft on sister!


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