Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tasty Tuesday

After a Labor Day BBQ with friends last night, ending with warm gooey s'mores and hot mugs of coffee, I feel compelled to share my favorite little s'more secret: Petit Ecolier biscuits by LU. These little gems are tasty enough with a glass of milk but when paired with a toasted marshmallow, they are deeeeelish. Tucking a few pecans into the center of the mallow doesn't hurt either (that's my preferred method).

LU, which began in the 1850s makes all sorts of lovely buscuity treats. The company began when two French bakersfell in  love, married and then began making sweets and imprinting their two initials L and U onto everything they made. Charming, no?

You can find these cookies at almost any grocer (even Wal-Mart!). To view all of their offerings, take a peek at their classy website. And if you'd like a lesson on how to pronounce the pretty french names of all their treats, take a listen here.

(images via LU)


  1. I love these!!! But your idea with a toasted marshmallow is making me very happy today. Hugs. xoxoox

  2. as you know, these have now become a favorite treat of mine when I come to your house! They are just the icing on the cake! Too Fabulous! and now I love them even more after hearing that story!

  3. fabulous idea! the chocolate won't slide out! i'll be picking those up for our next candle-light s'mores night!

  4. yum! I've never tried that brand, but I've eaten similar biscuits at Godiva and I LOVE them :)


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