Monday, September 27, 2010

A Lovely Find

A few weeks ago I mentioned a dining table that I found at a yard sale for $40. I was driving by with a car load of groceries when out of the corner of my eye I saw a faded shabby pink round table sitting among a slew of other pieces of furniture. I've always wanted a round dining table and was ready to claim this piece for my own when I realized I had better consult my husband before I sealed the deal. Would he be thrilled eating dinner on a pink table every night? Bless him - he agreed and now I have my table.

The carvings along the edge are so pretty - it's hard to cover them with a table cloth...

We also recovered our dining chairs, which were the first chairs my parents bought when they got married 37 years ago. Finding a fabric that worked with the color of the table but wasn't over the top feminine was a bit of a challenge. I was happy to find this print at Fancy Tiger, a local (and fabulous!) shop that had just a hint of that dusty pink along the edges of the chocolate leaves.


  1. ahhh so cute!! those chairs are the best!!! great work/find!

  2. this all looks absolutely fabulous! i'm way impressed... and jealous. ;)

  3. Oh kinda table...good find my friend...happy monday.


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