Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter At Our Place

It's becoming a bit of a tradition for the mister and me to host a small and lovely group of friends for Easter brunch. 
None of us (with the exception of a few) are Colorado natives, thus we are not with our extended families on some holidays. 

We gathered after church and everyone brought something yummy to the table. There was a dreamy sweet potato dish, balsamic berry salad, ham and egg souffle, blueberry cinnamon bread, honey ricotta turnovers, peppery brown sugar bacon, (ignore the tacky bacon serving plates with napkins underneath!) roasted garlic asparagus and pineapple mimosas. Hooray for brunch.   

We began by reading an Easter reflection by C.S. Lewis and finished the afternoon by continuing a tradition my mom started with my family long ago: resurrection eggs, which is sort of a kid oriented way to tell the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. We were kid-less yesterday, but the tradition lives on. 

What about you? How did you celebrate the day? 


  1. that menu sounds amazing!! & it all looks so pretty... :)

  2. Emily your Easter table looks so pretty (and the menu delicious!)
    I had my dinner cooked for me by #3 son Geordie Boy (5 hour lamb - will post pictures later!) then spent another (unbelievable) evening in the sun. Unbelievable in that it was sunny you understand - not the old sort of unbelievable (dancing on the tables til the early hours...those days are gone!)
    Happy week my friend
    fee ♥

  3. It was lovely! Thank you again so much! xo!

  4. looks awesome. wish i coulda been there. but between your pictures and david's easter music, i don't feel so sorry for myself. haha. miss you. xoxo


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