Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Easter Delights

Goodness me. I'm drooling all over the place this morning as I try to plan out a menu for Easter Sunday lunch. 
Martha, Martha, you've really got a good thing goin'. 
How does brioche french toast with asparagus and orange beurre blanc sound to you?

Marmalade glazed ham with sherry and lemon looks pretty darn amazing. 

 Three cheers for twice baked potatoes with Greek yogurt!

Look at this gorgeous baby lettuce, grape fruit and avocado salad with a papaya citrus vinaigrette. 

And my personal favorite: honey ricotta turnovers. Have mercy. 

What are your Easter plans? Are you working up a splendid menu? I'm looking for a fabulous egg casserole, so if you have one you like, please do tell! 

(All recipes and images via Martha Stewart)


  1. Wonderful menu.. I love that it is seasonal.. yet not typical.. soooo tasty... I'm having an uncontrolled desire to lick the screen.... yum!!!!

  2. Spectacular menu. The brioche french toast with asparagus and orange beurre blanc sounds beyond amazing!

    I do have a favorite egg casserole, not sure it's what you have in mind:

  3. 'have mercey' - you're funny!
    Hope you are well - have fun with your food planning. I'm on a pre-hols 'cutting down' exercise...so naturally food is all I can think about!
    fee ♥

  4. oh my gosh, you are making all of this on Sunday and egg cassarole? Oh I cannot wait... well i know that isn't the case but this all looks delish. I am down for any of it.

  5. Now my plans are I am coming to eat with you!!!! Yummmmmmm....everthing looks amazing. Don't tell my family what you are serving...they all will be over. xoxoxo


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