Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Finds: Some for Selling, Some for Keeping

This is the question!
 All the goodies I've acquired over the last few months have been mostly purchased with the intent to sell, at least this is what I tell myself and my mister. "More glasses?" he'll ask as I wash a batch of punch cups and place them on the hutch."No, no, honey. These are to sell at the market" I say reassuringly. Here's the thing though, I really like the trays, tins, pictures, plates and other wares I've brought home. I'm getting a bit attached I'm afraid. Today's finds were no exception. I mean, check out that groovy retro coffee pot. I should really keep that, right? That pretty linen table runner would make a great addition to the items I'm gathering for the fall market, but would also look quite pretty on my table. It's a real problem, I tell you.

Thankfully, the Horseshoe Market is still a month away and I don't have to decide just yet...

Happy Weekending to you and yours!


  1. keep or sell, keep or sell. That is the million dollar question. To heck with the market, lets keep it all. Just kidding. i do love that coffee pot and those little glasses. That table runner is wonderful. I am of no help, I am afraid!

  2. That is always the question around here...but I don't sell so my answer is always KEEP..but where to put it. Love all your treasures...hugs for a great week. xo


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