Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fashionable Fall Finds

The air conditioning blows on my toes even as I post these autumnal accessories. I'm trying a bit too hard to channel the cooler days with all these silly entries chalked full of things to be worn in October or November. But what's so bad about thinking of cable knit and cozy cardigans? Golds and greys? I did it here too I'm afraid. Worse things could happen.

I want to wear sophisticated wraps and gorgeous leather boots and tromp through the leaves (once they start to fall that is).

The colors of caramel and chocolate remind of Starbuck's short-lived salted caramel hot chocolate. So tasty. And don't we all need a grey corduroy jacket? Yes we do!


  1. bring me a salted carmel hot cocoa and some boots and one of these outfits! I love it!

  2. oooh, if I could have a personal shopper... i would hire you!


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