Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fern & Flora Wednesday: The Splendid Handbag

Here's the latest thing coming out of the Fern & Flora studio - embellished vintage handbags and clutches.
This bag (sitting on the first snow of the season!) is an estate sale find and such a lovely shape. To be honest, I love a giant purse - a Mary Poppins bag where just about anything can fit. However, there's something sleek and polished about a small bag or a clutch, where one only fits a credit card, lipstick, breath mints and a cell phone.

I will be adding more bags like these to my Etsy shop, so be sure and take a peek!


  1. This handbag looks really great. Looks very elegant. I love flower. It makes it so feminine. Love it. replica purses

  2. i love these and I am confident they will be a big hit!


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