Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I just want to wrap myself up in long, warm, comfy sweaters this season.

Wouldn't this be cute with a dark chocolate belt?

Why don't I wear more mossy green? It's so lovely - especially in autumn.

So this one isn't chunky really, but those ruffles and that belt make up for it I think.

Every girl needs a staple sweater like this. I need one come to think of it...


  1. Ok...today is sweater day...off to find a cozy one to wear and snuggle in all day long...wish I had some of these to pick from.

    Hugs my friend. xoxo

  2. Yummy! When is it going to cool down so I can wear one of these big comfy sweaters!?!

  3. i would some cozy, chunky sweaters for winter... we definitely need them here!

  4. ahhh sweaters and scarves! my fall and winter favs!


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