Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday DeClutter: Everything Must Go!

As much as I love to estate sale on Fridays, and thrift and garage sale every other day, the possibility of a move in my future (and the need to save moolah too) demands that I kick the habit (for a little while anyway) and get rid of the junk, the stuff, the clutter! 
I can't seem to get a grip on my crafting loft. The mounds of fabric swatches, hem tape, receipts, beads. Argh! I'm such a messy crafter. Nor can I face the mess that is my closet. There's a big box in there that I haven't opened to two years. I don't even know what's in there. Yikes. So, instead of hauling home stuff on Fridays, Friday will become a declutter day where hopefully, I can tackle small sections of our abode one cupboard at a time... 

Images like this inspire me to get organized!


What a pick-me-up it would be every time you open up this neat little suitcase...


A truly organized and user-friendly (not to mention glamorous!) closest. Swoon.

If you find yourself swimming in clutter, join in the fun and lets clear the crap together! What'd ya say?
Today I'm going to tackle the cabinet under the sink in our bathroom. Wish me luck. 
(and a happy clutter-free weekend to you!)


  1. I love your blog--just wanted to let you know. It's refreshing, and lovely. Thanks for writing.

    I currently have a giveaway going on on my blog--stop by and enter!

  2. Oh friend..I can so relate...we are moving soon and I have been going through years of stuff trying to de clutter! It is a job but it does feel good. No junk is going into my new home! Happy weekend

  3. I am a messy everything to not just crafter I do make it look nice for a small time sometoimes but doesnt take long to be messy again.i have decided a garage sale is due,

  4. I've been clearing out the workshop all week - stuff we've moved around three houses so far (in unopened boxes!).
    It's not feeling good yet - but I know it will!

    Loving those pictures - inspiring.
    fee x


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