Monday, June 13, 2011

The Search Continues...

Hello friends. Been busy 'round these parts. My other job (that usually doesn't provide many hours) kept me busy last week, thus preventing me from updating you on the house situation. Really, there's not much to say except that our offer wasn't accepted on that cute two story with the wood floors and fire place... Wah wah. We found out via email Thursday night. I felt sort of disappointed about it, but then again, I wasn't letting myself think too much about it so as not to have my house hopes completely dashed. The mister didn't seem too distraught. I think his exact words were "well ok." 

And so we keep looking! We went out Saturday for another round and didn't find much. On the bright side, the longer we stay in our current place, the longer I don't have to go through closets and cupboards and begin to pack up all of our crap! I love the idea of having a really real home of our own, where we can paint and knock down walls and make permanent changes and do all that sort of stuff without having to ask permission, but the thought of physically moving makes me sort of ill. I suppose the longer I have to prepare myself for it, the better.... 

So that's my news. What's yours? 


  1. i am sorry you didn't get the house... i am sure the perfect one will come along when the time is right! :)

  2. the perfect house will come along soon. I promise. xo!


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