Monday, June 27, 2011

Spaces to Inspire: The Glorious Kitchen

Things are moving along nicely with the home we're hoping to purchase. There were a few major issues discovered  during our inspection on Saturday, but we are optimistic that they will be resolved and we're hoping to close around the end of July! Yippee! 

So my mind is whirling with ideas about the kitchen, which will be the first space we tackle, should everything go well. In the taste department, I generally land between a cottage-y country/vintage aesthetic - lots of natural light with soft and neutral colors, farm sink, clean cabinet profiles but not too mod, perhaps some bead board or subway tile with pops of color... Number 7 makes my heart swoon and I love the cheerfulness of number 2. 

Where do you turn for kitchen inspiration? I'm compiling ideas, so if you have any favorite resources, do tell! 


  1. i love all of these kitchens! they are fabulous! I have some others on Pinterest that are very much the same! Imagine that! I have faith that no matter what, your kitchen will be lovely. Cannot wait to see it! xo!

  2. love them all - and there are deinitely recurring themes. So looking forward to seeing what you do with your new speace...
    fee x

  3. how exciting emily!! hope everything goes well! it sounds like we have very similar tastes in kitchens... i would love all the details you listed in a kitchen one day. i really like number 7 too. you should browse pinterest - i've found some lovely kitchens on there!

  4. Oh my I am loving them all. Your new space will be lovely...#2 has my heart singing too.

    Congratulations. xoxo


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