Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Down Home Loosemeat Sandwiches

After church on Sunday, I was trying to figure out what to do with the pound of ground turkey I had in my freezer, when I got a hankerin' for a good old loose meat (or sometimes called Made Rite) sandwich. Occasionally, as a kid, when my mom (who was a health food nut) would relent, my dad would take my sisters and me to a place called B&G's where they had THE BEST loose meat sandwiches. They would serve them up in red plastic baskets and oh they were tasty. Apparently, it's a Midwest thing, 'cause ever since we moved to Colorado, I haven't been able to find a place that serves them. 

After Sunday though, I shall be making my own every now and again thanks to a google search that turned up this recipe. It's super easy, fast and deeelish. I left out the lard it calls for as well as the two teaspoons of salt on the bottom of the pan, and as mentioned before, used lean ground turkey instead of beef. I popped in the onions, mustard, agave nectar instead of sugar, a splash of vinegar, sea salt and pepper to taste, served 'em up on whole wheat buns and me-oh-my, they were mighty tasty (and not too unhealthy). I threw a garden salad together and made some Yukon gold oven fries with olive oil and sea salt to make it a real burger and fry experience but without most of the guilt. 

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  1. never heard of this loose meat you talk of! (is it just mince?)
    sorry to be so british!
    fee x
    Looks Goooood

  2. Yummmmadoodles my sweet friend. xoxoxxo


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