Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

It was a beautiful weekend in our neck of woods. Breezy and warm but not too hot. Just the way we like it. 
We went out for Thai (a new place we'd never been) on Friday night and had some really tasty (and tightly rolled-hate it when they fall apart mid bite) spring rolls that were mighty fresh and basil-y. I had the best green curry but poor Ike had less success with the Jungle Curry. The flavor was delish, but the spice factor was off the charts. Guess the name should have tipped us off...  

After house hunting on Saturday (I think we might have found something!) we took in some sun at a near by park. He read a book while I paged through, what else, but old issues of Domino. Gotta keep the creative ideas coming - especially since we've decided to go for round two and put an offer in on a 1970s ranch we found. It's actually kind of cute but knocking down a wall or two will make it even better... More to come on that!
Also, I feel compelled to share with you this treasury that I made Saturday night inspired by Betty Draper from Mad Men. Mainly I'm posting it because I spent a ridiculous amount of time putting it together and posting it doesn't make me feel so bad for wasting all that time...

How was your weekend? Did you get to laze about at the park too?


  1. hey - no lazing for me (well, maybe a little!)
    Can't wait to hear about your 70's ranch - how exciting!
    Starting Mad Men tonight (box set for cleggy for fathers day - good idea huh? and he never guessed for a minute that it was really for me)
    I know I'm way behind - but I had to finish 24 then The wire first!
    happy week
    fee x

  2. we went shopping at a neat fabric store far away from home-it was a treat :)

    good luck with your home purchase!

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I hope everything works out with the house you put an offer on!

  4. Oh my are house hunting? What joy...we just did that..we found a new home we just love. Right now all I can see is a sea of boxes..packing is not fun but boy does it ever help to sort out the junk. xoxoxo HUGS Love your images

  5. That weekend sounds delightful! Isn't the sun great? The sun is especially great when accompanied by a tree with shade and a book, so looks like you hit a triple whammy with that one!



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