Friday, June 24, 2011

Out With the Old (and in with just a little new....)

Revealing the inside of my bathroom cabinet (or any cabinet for that matter) is not typical for me on this blog. It borders on the overly personal and possibly gross. But! Last week I blogged about how, as we get ready to move, I wanted to get more organized and throw things away (see blog post here). And I quote: "Today I'm going to tackle the cabinet under the sink in our bathroom. Wish me luck." And so I did. It may not look that much better to you (I did apply a filter to soften the undeniable ugliness of the photos in general) but you have no idea how happy I feel when I open the cabinet door and see  my lotions, potions and scrubs standing all nicely in a plastic tray or my a-hem, feminine products looking sort of cute in a surprising way in a glass jar...  I remembered that I had a whole bag of metal pails I used for flower arrangements in the basement and they just happened to be  the right size and shape to use for excess make up and q-tips. 

I also managed to take a whole trash bag full or old clothes, belts, dresses, etc to the Good Will yesterday along with a couple of purses and some other junk. Talk about a pick me up!

On the reverse side of things (and maybe because I managed to get rid of so much stuff this week), I had to sneak over to an estate sale this morning. I already confessed to the husband. Went for costume jewelry, left with two vintage hat boxes (great for storage!) a funky, retro table cloth, 4 pale green snack trays with magnolias painted on them and a bulletin board, all for about $15 bucks... 

Now I have to go get rid of more stuff to make up for it or all my hard work is immediately cancelled out by my inability to ignore said estate sale. It's a vicious cycle I tell you....

Happy Weekend friends (and I beseech you - get rid of the clutter and junk you don't want for truly lovely things that will add some joy to your spaces. It does the heart good!)


  1. i think one drawer at a time is the way to go-otherwise i get way too overwhelmed and discouraged...
    congrats :)

  2. You Went! and the stuff you good is fabulous! :( sad that I didn't get to go!

  3. How cute your bathroom cupboard looks - seriously!
    Am always looking for more attractive storage for all things unpretty.
    Well done, you.


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