Friday, February 5, 2010

Belle & Boo

I have always been a sucker for sweet, whimsical illustrations of children and frogs and umbrellas and all that sort of  Wind in the Willows meets Beatrix Potter meets Jessie Wilcox kind of lovliness. Just in time for Valentine's Day, I came across Belle & Boo. Of course it's an adorable little company based in London (naturally) that sells all sorts of products featuring the illustrations of Mandy Sutcliffe. Her wonderful illustrations took shape when she began drawing French children in the park while living in Paris. How nice.

Enjoy this dose of charm and have a happy Friday!

This book plate is not particulary for Valentine's Day, but I couldn't help myself.


  1. Oh I love those! How charming! They are very sweet and inspiring!

  2. I have found her too and I adore her art. so so so sweet. xoxoox

  3. You have been a very good little blogger lately! I'm a slacker. Enjoyed all your recent posts. I'm hoping to make Monday -- as long as snow does not keep me away!

  4. why thank you caroline joy. I've been trying to blog more consistently and now I'm becoming an addict!

    I hope the snow doesn't keep you away on Monday either! It would be lovely to have you!


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