Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Have you ever known someone who possesses both exquisite taste and exceptional artisitic ability? My rediculously talented friend Megan is one such person. By day is she a pastry chef  for her company Desuet Desserts and whips up all sorts of tasty delights (her gluten-free blackberry crumble with a hint of citrus made me swoon) and when she's not in her kitchen she's trying her hand at all sorts of other creative endeavors.

Her knitted baby booties made for a boutique last spring and her vintage bead bracelets were as sweet as pie. Her lastest creative ephipany are the gorgeous hand-dyed muslin flower pins pictured above. After the fabirc is dyed, she cuts the petals by hands and sews them all together. Oh yeah. She just whipped those up on a whim on day. No biggie.

They are the perfect pop of sass on a coat or jacket. I'm waiting for the right opportunity to wear my robin's egg blue flower (A Christmas gift - I'm so lucky!) with my strapless black dress (see above).

It seems to me that creative people create just because they love it. They can't help themselves. Even better than creating something is when someone else finds the creation irresistable and actual money can be made from doing something one loves (what a concept).  Megan has found herself in this happy place at a local shop called Tallulah Jones  here in Denver. Her fabulous flowers are for sale there now and this weekend she will be a featured artist at an open house. So, if you happen to be in the area and want to poke around a truly unique and visually pleasing shop, hop on by and met the girl behind the magic.

Here's the scoop:

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  1. oh what a dreamy post! What a wonderful way to highlight that talented girl Meg. She is really so talented. I mean, come on. She is a pastry chef, amazing, and she can whip stuff up like this? I am a bit envious. She needs to keep this write up about her because it is truely captures her talents in a beautiful way. Xo!


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