Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hello friends. It's become my Monday ritual to post a featured headband but since the lovely Federica of Sweet as a Candy is featuring my Greta in Green headband for her birthday giveaway this week, I thought I'd share a snippet of my weekend:

Friday Night:

A little wine and cheese event hosted by my friend and networking/idea guru Jocelyn on Friday night was a lovely way to meet new people and enjoy some brie and wine. I wasn't looking as sophisticated as Zooey Deschanel pictured above, but then again who would be?

Saturday Afternoon:

Most of the day was spent lounging with the hubby in robes and slippers, eating french toast and watching a rediculous amount of Olympic coverage. Do I really get a thrill from watching the German bobsled team win the gold? Not really. Does ice dancing fill my heart with joy? Nah. But who cares. It's the Olympics and it was Saturday and we NEEDED to be lazy.

Saturday Night:

Saturday night I made a very bridal-looking headband that I will soon be listing in my Etsy shop. I've gotten in a little hand-made flower groove that I'm finding rather enjoyable with potential for some feminine and spring-like headbands, so stay tuned.

I have no pictures of Sunday. If I did, it would just be of snow. It snowed light, pretty flakes for three solid days in my neck of the woods with especially fluffy and sparkling ones coming down all day yesterday. It would have been nice to stay in and make soup and read a book, but getting out to church and then to our little community group Sunday night proved to be (as it always does) good for the spirit.

How was your weekend?

(photos:, Getty Images)

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