Monday, February 1, 2010

Cure for the DMV

Today was a true Monday. I had to go the DMV. And it's the first day of the month. Some level of chaos and mayhem are always to be expected, but today seemed more dreadful than usual. After circling around and around for parking then navigating my way through a pack of  smokers and loiterers outside the front door (why loiter at the DMV??), I walked into to a room packed with exasperated people all shouting at once to the clerks behind the counter. Apparently, the take-a-number-and-wait-for-it-to-be-called system was not in working order on this Monday. At one point a man started yelling about how his number had been skipped and when the security guard told him to chill out he yelled "i'm nobody's puppy!" Ah the DMV.

 I held on to my ticket, number A686 and stared at the glowing sign above that said A654. Thirty-two people get to go before I do. Lovely. That same number glared back at me for 30 minutes before it clicked to the next number. Oh dear. I waited... and waited... and waited.. for an hour and a half to pay $174.75 for a tiny red sticker. They could at least make them cuter. Don't you think? I'm not normally a weakling when it comes to the DMV but after today I need some help recovering:

Three of these.

A couple of hours right here with some chilled Pelligrino.

And a soak right here with some lavendar oil perhaps.

How was your Monday?

(photo credits here)


  1. I totally think those little red stickers should be cuter! Let submit some design ideas. Your post made me laugh friend!

  2. Sorry your day was so bad...hope tomorrow will be brighter..Happy February to you. I am off to visit your etsy shop.

  3. OMG -- that was the funniest darn post. I loved it. Especially the "puppy" comment. Too funny. Thanks for the comic relief! :)

  4. Thanks for the support friends. Much appreciated.

  5. a great post. way to turn your DMV trauma into something fun to read/look at. miss you. hope you're well. xoxo


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