Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Having a greenhouse is a perpetual desire of mine and one that I always think of more frequently as spring gets a little closer.

I start thinking about growing pots of flowers or vegetables or anything, really. How wonderful would it be on an early spring day to pull on a pair of boots and trod across my yard to my little greenhouse brimming with pots, soil, tools. I could dig and plant and shuffle around. Maybe in one corner there would be a comfy chair and a chandlier... maybe. Some greenhouses are made for sitting and contemplating, others are made for actual work. I'd like one of each.

Do you have a perpetual desire for a certain place? A reading nook? I big tree with a hammock? A studio?

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  1. Hi There! I love the thought of a greenhouse with a chandelier. How luxe! What a lovely post!


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