Thursday, August 26, 2010

Etsy Love: Fabric Worm

I have a fun little (husband endorsed!) home project. I'm currently on the hunt for some sort of highly attractive-not-to-feminine-fun-cheerful-but-not-over-the-top fabric with which to recover our dining chairs.
It's high time we swap out the fabric as the stripe currently residing on them is not only faded and stained but just plain tired and a bit dated too. So! I've been looking on Etsy for just the right thing. I don't think I've found "the one" yet, but I've found some pretty darn cute fabrics that wouldn't work. Take a look at these adorable prints from yet another charming Etsy shop:  Fabric Worm:

Aren't these roosters a hoot?? I love the greens, pinks and blue color combo.

Check out Sleeping Beauty. And she's snoozing under a bough of  lily of the valley! So sweet....

Pink roses and citron colored dots. What's not to love?

This has such a soft and old fashioned feel. It would make beautiful panels in a guest bedroom...

I dig the chunky, graphic vibe of this print along with the colors. So many fabrics, so few things to recover!

I will keep you posted when we find the right thing. I might just do a before and after shoot.
Happy Thursday to you!


  1. Oh I adore all this fabric so sweet...would love to see what you are up to my friend.

    Glad to be back and visiting you once your sweet blog. xooxxo

  2. oh i love that last one! Word on the street is that Fancy Tiger is getting Liberty of London Fabrics! You might want to check it out!

  3. ooo i love the roosters and the soft floral one! good luck finding just the right fabric - how fun!


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